Our Process

Our process

Developing new solutions for the industry

ViaTech is an organization with experienced and passionate employees! Our solutions are easy to use and we offer customized solutions. We are constantly developing new solutions for the industry, and some of our hottest technology and market updates are:

Our approach

A company based out of Kongsberg

Viatech was founded in 1997. We are a norwegian company based out of Kongsberg. The company is owned by the employees. Kongsberg has been a centre of silver mining, arms production and forestry for centuries, and is the site of high technology industry. It was therefore a natural choice for us to establish in Kongsberg.

Our future

Viatech in the future

Accelerating security and sustainability: We want to offer products and services that increase security for everyone using our shared infrastructure. We will continue to listen to our customers and use innovative technology to solve their challenges. We are responsible for our deliveries and also contribute to sustainability.

Our location

ViaTech is a world-wide corporation. The map below shows some of our trade partners.