RoAR and Statens vegvesen

Measuring both summer and winter conditions

In 2005 ViaTech participated in the delivery of the friction system Roar mk5 to the Norwegian Road Authorities (Statens Vegvesen). Soon after ViaTech had the maintenance and support of the entire friction system. Roar mk5 was a friction system measuring both summer and winter conditions. The system was hydraulic and was delivered by the company Norsemeter.

In 2018, the Roar mk5 was worn out, and new friction unit was needed.  ViaTech developed a new friction unit based on the newly developed ViaFriction mk2. This is used for summer friction and was previously delivered to Denmark and Poland. The new system measures in both wheelpaths and was named Roar mk6. The Nowegian Road Authorities has 5 Roar mk6 units, one in each region of Norway.


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